Machine Types

Pinball Machines
Pinballs can be traced back as far as 1871.

Originally called bagatelle, the modern pinball has come a long way.

Have a look at one of Sterns recent pinball releases "Monopoly"

These are an example of some of different machine types
we have available for hire or sale the ones highlighted in yellow are what is available at the moment

Driving & Dance games that we have for hire

Daytona USA
Scud Race
DDR dance machine
games that
we have
 Cash Cube
Photo Booth
Moto Gp

Shooter games that we have

Extrme hunting 1
Extreme Hunting 2
Point Blank 1
Point Blank 2
Virtua Cop 1
Virtua cop 2

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Chocolate Factory
Combine the skill of a crane & lure of a pusher with the top brand name instant prizes. No one in the family, young or old can resist playing the Choc Factory.
Access Easy flat level ground, no steps or stairs

Skill Testers . These type of machine keep kids and adults have been around for over 50 years now and still pleasing the young and old 50 years on.

Access Easy flat level ground, no steps or stairs

Access Easy flat level ground, no steps or stairs

One of the first games released was "pong" but the most successful game was "Space Invaders " and "Galaga".

Today we compete against Sony Playstation, Nintendo etc. So we only choose the highest quality games. Both golden oldies through to the latest releases are chosen. *

Driving Games:

We have a great range of single and dual link play driving games, including Sega Scud Racer, sega rally, world rally and the always popular daytona. *

Daytona and Sega Rally measurements are 1650mm W x 1570mm D x 1820mm H

Access Easy flat level ground, no steps or stairs

From classics like Point Blank and point blank 2, Virtua Cop,to Time crisis, we also have the new Sega Extreme Hunting 2,

Lollie Heist is also popular crane games. *

Soccer tables, have become very popular again! We only sell quality Roberto Soccer tables sure they are not $200.00 but the bitterness of the price is long forgotten after the quality is fully apreciated see them for sale in our online store. *

Dragon punch , A great machine for your corporate stand Dragon Punch is equipped with a big electronic display showing the score of each punch. During the game every participant can see and compare his result with this game can also be fitted with tickets if required NEW for 2012

the top score on the separate digital display.

Dimensions: 36"W x 44" D x H 87" Just requires normal power

Mini Jungle Kiddie Ride, For Kids in the shopping malls.

We also operate a large range of Kiddie rides