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Screw Extractor Set – 5 piece


Product Description

Screw Extractor Set – 5 piece

The courses twist design easily extracts stubborn screws. Kit comes with a carry/organizer case.

This screw extractor set is made from heavy-duty steel. It is ideal for removing broken bolts and screws.


4″ Inch Magnetic Tray – AA-100


Product Description

This item has saved many game overhaul projects from disaster.

You’ll never lose that unobtainable fastener or tool again if you park it in this rugged 6 inch diameter magnetic bowl. 1-1/8 inch deep stainless steel Magnetic Parts Tray while you work.

Has strong rubber cover magnet base that won’t scratch surfaces.


MICROSWITCH – 180-5027-00


Product Description

Data East, Sega and Stern outhole and saucer microswitch.

Actuator is 1-5/8″ long from pivot point to bent tip.



Bin: P03.7

Microswitch – 180-5057-00


Product Description

Data East/Sega/Stern Switch 180-5057-00

Used in Data East Jurassic Park control room switch assembly 500-5442-01 as well as in other games.
Data East/Sega/Stern switch #180-5057-00.

Reference – 180-5057-00

Bin: P03.7


Microswitch – 180-5111-00


Product Description

Data East/Sega/Stern Switch 180-5111-00

Microswitch – Shift Down / Gun Microswitch – Shift Down. 0.187 terminals, 10 amps and light force

Reference – 180-5111-00

Bin: P03.7


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Williams Flipper rebuild kit 1961-1967 – WFLKIT6167


Product Description

Flipper rebuild kit Williams 1961-1967

High quality complete flipper rebuild kit includes all mechanical components for Williams pinball machine left and right side flipper assemblies on Williams games from SKILL BALL 10/1961 to SHANGRI-LA 3/1967.

Kit includes:


  • Left and right side plunger link and crank assemblies
  • Return springs
  • Spring washers
  • Coil stops
  • Lever arm assemblies
  • Screws and split washers
  • Nylon flipper bearings
  • Sleeves
  • End Of Stroke switches
  • Retaining rings
  • Allen key tool


 Also includes flipper feeler gauge to assist in correct bearing to crank gap adjustment.

 Reference: WFLKIT6167


The factory recommends installing flipper kits every half-million flips to keep your flippers performing to specification. (Use the diagnostic menu in your game under STANDARD ADJUSTMENTS to access the flipper count meters.)


Bin: P03.2






Product Description

Williams Flipper Rebuild kit for Games made between 1984 to 1987

Flipper rebuild kit Williams 1984-1987


Williams pinball machine flipper rebuild kit includes all the major components for 2 flipper assemblies (left and right side)

Also includes flipper feeler gauge to assist in correct bearing to crank gap adjustment.

SPACE SHUTTLE partial production – some may require WFLKIT8083

This Kit Was used on the following

Comet, Grand Lizard, High Speed, Lasercue, Millionaire, Pinbot, Road kings,Sorcerer, Space Shuttle.

Part No: 13524-1

Bin: P03.2


Data East (06/92 – 04/93) Flipper Rebuild Kit – DE0692-0493


Product Description

Each kit rebuilds 2 flipper mechanisms.

Used on the following Data East machines:

Lethal Weapon 3
Jurassic Park
Star Wars
Rocky and Bullwinkle
* Lethal Weapon 3 used an extra long spring (266-5029-00) that is now obsolete.
Data East Reference #500-6306-20.


Bin: P03-5

Please Note: Some of the parts you are replacing may be Goldish in Colour . The process that turned these parts that colour contained Lead.Your replacement parts may be clear “zinc-ed” so as not to contain lead and be RoHS Complaint

Gottlieb® RETURN PLUNGER & LINK – A-18687


Product Description

Plunger assembly for RESCUE 911 helicopter and other Gottlieb machines.

Overall length 3-17/32 inches


  • 27138 plunger sub assembly
  • MA-1413 Kick Save assembly

Used also in the following games

Deadly Weapon,

Mario Andretti,

Rescue 911,

Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Mushroom World

Bin: P09.5