Ablaze 4-LED #44/#47 Bayonet Orange

Ablaze 4-LED #44/#47 Bayonet Orange $2.50

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Ablaze 1-LED #44/#47 Bayonet Base Lamp With Flat Top Lens

Colour : Orange

Medium Angle (120 degrees). Great for inserts, spotlights, or anywhere you need more focused light.

Please note – These lamps will not work correctly in Capcom games and Williams Pin2000 games (Star Wars Episode One and Revenge From Mars games).
There has also been a reported instance of these lamps not working correctly in Bally Xenon, Eight Ball Deluxe, and Space Invaders as well as Gottlieb system 3 games such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Williams Elvira and the Party Monsters slingshot lamp sockets.

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Ablaze 4-LED #44/#47 Bayonet Orange $2.50

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