GOTTLIEB® COIL RELAY - A-9738 $27.50

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Relay coil for use in many Gottlieb® electro-mechanical (EM) pinball games. Used as 110v hold coil in most games (constantly energized when game is on)

Can be used for A-3498

Used In The Following Games:

GOTTLIEB®: 2001, 300, Airport, Aquarius, Astro, Atlantis, Bank Shot, Big Brave, Big Indian, Big Shot, Bronco, Buccaneer (1976), Canada Dry, Card King, Card Whiz, Dimension, Drop-A-Card, Duotron, El Dorado (1975), Extra Inning, Eye of the Tiger, Far Out, Fast Draw, Fire Queen, Four Square, Galaxie, Grand Slam (1972), Gridiron, High Seas, Hot Shot (1973), Jack in the Box, Jacks Open, Jet Spin, Jumping Jack, Jungle (1972), Jungle King, Jungle Princess, Jungle Queen, King Kool, King Pin, King Rock, Lawman, Magnotron, Mustang, New York, Now, Orbit, Outer Space, Out of Sight, Pin Up, Pioneer, Play Ball, Pop-A-Card, Pro Pool, Quick Draw, Rack-A-Ball, Roller Coaster, Royal Flush (1976), Royal Pair, Sheriff, Sky Jump, Soccer, Solar City, Spirit of 76, Star Trek, Super Soccer, Super Spin, Sure Shot, Surf Champ, Surfer, Surf Side, Target Alpha, Ten Up, Top Card, Top Score, Volley, Vulcan, Wild Life

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GOTTLIEB® COIL RELAY - A-9738 $27.50

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