Gottlieb® “Surfer” Tune up Kit

Gottlieb® "Surfer" Tune up Kit $59.90

Product Description

Game no 387

Complete Tune up kit including Rubber Ring Kit for your 1976 Gottlieb® Surfer pinball game. Replace those worn, cracked and brittle rubber rings with our premium Rubber Rings.

The photo shown is the actual Rubber Rings you will receive, included in this kit are:
Ø White Rubber Rings
Ø White Bumper Rings
Ø Brown Rebound Rubber
Ø White Shooter Tip
Ø Rubber Ring sizing chart
Ø Playfield diagram for ring placement
A total of 26 rubber parts!

Also included in the tune up kit is

Novus 1 plastic Clean

Spring – Ball shooter ( Outer)

Spring – Ball Shooter ( Inner) Silver

Ball Shooter E- Clip

Box of 10 Piece # 44 Globes

Box of 10 Piece # 47 Globes x 2

1 -1/16 Pinball

All the parts required to freshen up your pinball machine to restore it to as “new” Condition

We have painstakingly assembled this kit with all the rubber items needed. Check our total rubber parts compared to others. Plus, we always include a new Ball Shooter Tip and Rebound Rubber if used on the game

RTUK- 4155-1

Gottlieb® "Surfer" Tune up Kit $59.90

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