LED Lamp #906 WEDGE BASE BLUE -05-906B

LED Lamp #906 WEDGE BASE BLUE -05-906B $5.00

Product Description

LED lamp #906 wedge base blue

New LED lamps provide upgraded lighting for your pinball machine or arcade game.

They are state of the art, “green” technology devices that make your machine cooler, brighter, more efficient and more attractive with with a great selection of colors and diffusion patterns. LED’s have very long life expectancy making them excellent replacements for difficult to access playfield areas.

They are vibration resistant and generate little or no heat — ideal upgrades for flash lamps.

This BLUE lamp is a replacement for #906 wedge based miniature incandescent lamps. It operates in 13 volt AC or DC circuits and has excellent color rendition with a multi directional dispersion pattern. Great for use in playfields, backboxes, in general or switched illumination applications.

Installation note:
These wedge based LED’s are polarity dependent and must inserted correctly into DC voltage lamp circuits to operate. If lamp doesn’t not illuminate, simply rotate 180? and re-insert

Part No: 05-906B

Bin: P02.6

LED Lamp #906 WEDGE BASE BLUE -05-906B $5.00

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