Lubriplate® Grease Lube 1-3/4 oz Calicum

Lubriplate® Grease Lube 1-3/4 oz Calicum $15.08

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Lubriplate® grease 1-3/4 oz. tube

LUBRIPLATE® No. B-105 is a white calcium, Waterproof, NLGI No 0,
grease type Lubricant with exceptional anti-seize properties and recommended extensively for coating all moving parts for motor assembly and rebuilding

A smooth light-bodied grease that contains a zinc oxide anti wear additive made especially for motor assembly. It provides necessary
lubrication during initial startup thereby preventing damage from scuffing, friction and scoring. Protects freshly machined moving parts from rust and corrosion.

Recommend for electromechanical pinball machines score reel, stepper
units, motors, etc.



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Lubriplate® Grease Lube 1-3/4 oz Calicum $15.08

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