Pinscore Classic Bally and Stern 7 Digit Display

Pinscore Classic Bally and Stern 7 Digit Display $111.60

Product Description

PS-2518-58 LED 7-Digit Display for Bally/Stern

New PinScore?? Display systems for pinball machines and shuffle alleys are efficient, economical and easy to install. Brilliant design makes old high-voltage glass displays obsolete.

Plug & Play installation – no soldering or modifications required.
Adjustable brightness
Beautiful black matte finish retains factory appearance
Crisp illumination in original color and fonts
Lowest power consumption of any display on the market – No overloaded game power supplies
No high voltage or extra power supplies required
Includes light shields, required cables, and mounting hardware.
5 year no-fault warranty
Made in USA

This PinScore?? Model PS-2518-58 replaces the original 7 digit display module Bally part #AS-2518-58 and Stern A-645. This model features matched orange LEDs for restoring your machine to a factory look.
PinScore LED Displays and Power Supplies

PinScore LED Displays and Power Supplies

PinScore?? LED displays are powered from the game’s 5V power supply and require no high voltage. PinScore?? LED displays use nearly half the power of competitive LED displays, making them safe to add to your game. PinScore?? displays have been tested in all games and are known to work reliably. In very rare cases, a game with a failing 5V power supply may not function once a PinScore?? display is installed. Other symptoms of a failing power supply include erratic game resets and erratic game behavior. In these situations, the game’s power supply should be repaired or replaced prior to installing PinScore?? LED displays.

The plasma technology found in your machine’s old displays required high voltage to energize the segments. The high-voltage circuits in pinball machines have high failure rates and are difficult to repair as the parts are obsolete. LED displays will function correctly even if your original game’s power high-voltage power supply has failed. You can choose to disable your high-voltage supply after installing these displays by removing the appropriate fusing (see your machine’s documentation).
This will reduce the risk of electric shock when servicing the machine. If your machine requires a new power supply, PinScore?? power supplies designed explicitly for LED displays are available for many games.

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Pinscore Classic Bally and Stern 7 Digit Display $111.60

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