Transistor (TIP122),BJT, NPN,100V 5A TO 220-3

Transistor (TIP122),BJT, NPN,100V 5A TO 220-3 $1.62

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Transistor NPN 100V 5A TO-220

 Darlington NPN 100V 5A 3-Pin (3+Tab) TO-220AB transistor in TO-220 package.

To see if your transistor is bad, use a digital multimeter set to the diode check mode.

  • (-) = negative/black test lead
  • (+) = positive/red test lead.
  • Pin 1 = the pin with a dot above it.

For TIP122s, these are typical voltage drop values when measured with a typical multimeter in diode test mode.

When replacing TIP122 transistors, verify that the diode on the coil in question is not shorted, or the replacement will fail.

Transistor TIP122

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Transistor (TIP122),BJT, NPN,100V 5A TO 220-3 $1.62

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