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Williams / Bally Coil, AE 26-1500 General Purpose  Coil


Product Description

Used in some Bally and Williams games for mid-range power devices like slingshot bumpers, pop bumpers on some games, ball diverters, auto-launchers, and more. Includes diode on front (top) of solder lugs.

Includes standard coil sleeve # 03-7066. Or if a flanged coil sleeve # 03-7067 separately if device you are installing the coil in the up-kicker or scoop kickout which requires a flanged sleeve

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Williams/ Bally AE 23-800 Coil General Purpose


Product Description

Coil – solenoid with diode AE 23-800

Common solenoid coil used on many manufacturers pinball machines.

All coils come with new sleeves (coil tubing) where applicable.


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