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Transistor (2N3055)


Transistor 2N3055 TO-3 case

Part no :2N3055

Power transistor used on Gottlieb System-1 and System-80 Driver boards.

Gottlieb XO301

Transistor (2N6043)


Transistor 2N6043

Part no: 2N6043

60v 8a NPN Darlington general purpose transistor for amplifier and low-speed switching applications.

Used on many pinball machine circuit boards.

Reference :
Gottlieb XO303

Transistor (CEN-U45 or NTE272)


Transistor (CEN-U45 or NTE272)


Transistor 2 amp NPN Darlington.

Used in positions Q1-Q4, Q13-Q32, Q45-Q52, Q54-57, and Q63 on Gottlieb System 80 Master driver boards.


Gottlieb XO-146

Transistor (TIP102)


Transistor TIP102

Part no: TIP102

NPN 100 volt 8 amp complementary Darlington transistor in a TO-220 package.

Common and preferred replacement for TIP120, TIP122, 2N6045 and SE9302 series power Darlington transistors.

Bally E-00585-0034
Stern Pinball Inc 25A-2-2, X44E198 locations Q1-Q19
Williams 5162-09410-00
Williams 5162-12635-00

Transistor (TIP122),BJT, NPN,100V 5A TO 220-3


Product Description

Transistor NPN 100V 5A TO-220

 Darlington NPN 100V 5A 3-Pin (3+Tab) TO-220AB transistor in TO-220 package.

To see if your transistor is bad, use a digital multimeter set to the diode check mode.

  • (-) = negative/black test lead
  • (+) = positive/red test lead.
  • Pin 1 = the pin with a dot above it.

For TIP122s, these are typical voltage drop values when measured with a typical multimeter in diode test mode.

When replacing TIP122 transistors, verify that the diode on the coil in question is not shorted, or the replacement will fail.

Transistor TIP122

Bin 2.9

Transistor (TIP36C)


Transistor TIP36C 5194-12179-00

Part no :TIP36C

Common 100v, 25a, PNP general purpose power transistor for most pinball machines in TO-218 package.

Stern 110-0077-00
Williams 5194-12179-00

Transistor (TIP42)


Transistor TIP42A 5191-08978-00

Part no:TIP42

AF Power Switch transistor PNP 40V 6A 3-Pin (3+Tab) in TO-220 package.


Stern 110-0068-00
Williams 5191-08978-00

Transistor N-ch 100v 37A-220 Ab


Product Description

Transistor N-ch 100v 37A To 220AB PSMNO27-100PS STP40NF10L

ransistor N-ch 100V 37A TO-220AB PSMN027-100PS

MOSFET transistor N channel 100V 37A 3-Pin in a TO-220AB package.

Used on Stern SPIKE node boards.