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Transistor (2N3055)


Product Description

Transistor 2N3055 TO-3 case

Part no :2N3055

Power transistor used on Gottlieb System-1 and System-80 Driver boards.

Gottlieb XO301

Bin: P02.9

Transistor (2N6043)


Product Description

Transistor 2N6043

Part no: 2N6043

60v 8a NPN Darlington general purpose transistor for amplifier and low-speed switching applications.

Used on many pinball machine circuit boards.

Reference :
Gottlieb XO303

Bin: P02.9

Transistor (CEN-U45 or NTE272)


Transistor (CEN-U45 or NTE272)


Transistor 2 amp NPN Darlington.

Used in positions Q1-Q4, Q13-Q32, Q45-Q52, Q54-57, and Q63 on Gottlieb System 80 Master driver boards.


Gottlieb XO-146

Transistor (TIP102)


Product Description

Transistor TIP102
Part no: TIP102
NPN 100 volt 8 amp complementary Darlington transistor in a TO-220 package.

Common and preferred replacement for TIP120, TIP122, 2N6045 and SE9302 series power Darlington transistors.

Bally E-00585-0034
Stern Pinball Inc 25A-2-2, X44E198 locations Q1-Q19
Williams 5162-09410-00
Williams 5162-12635-00

Bin: P02.9

Transistor (TIP122),BJT, NPN,100V 5A TO 220-3


Product Description

Transistor NPN 100V 5A TO-220

 Darlington NPN 100V 5A 3-Pin (3+Tab) TO-220AB transistor in TO-220 package.

To see if your transistor is bad, use a digital multimeter set to the diode check mode.

  • (-) = negative/black test lead
  • (+) = positive/red test lead.
  • Pin 1 = the pin with a dot above it.

For TIP122s, these are typical voltage drop values when measured with a typical multimeter in diode test mode.

When replacing TIP122 transistors, verify that the diode on the coil in question is not shorted, or the replacement will fail.

Transistor TIP122

Bin: P02.9

Transistor (TIP36C)


Product Description

Transistor TIP36C 5194-12179-00

Part no :TIP36C

Common 100v, 25a, PNP general purpose power transistor for most pinball machines in TO-218 package.

Stern 110-0077-00
Williams 5194-12179-00

Bin: P02.9

Transistor (TIP42)


Product Description

Transistor TIP42A 5191-08978-00

Part no:TIP42

AF Power Switch transistor PNP 40V 6A 3-Pin (3+Tab) in TO-220 package.


Stern 110-0068-00
Williams 5191-08978-00

Bin: P02.9

Transistor N-ch 100v 37A-220 Ab


Product Description
Transistor N-ch 100v 37A To 220AB PSMNO27-100PS STP40NF10L
Transistor N-ch 100V 37A TO-220AB PSMN027-100PS
MOSFET transistor N channel 100V 37A 3-Pin in a TO-220AB package.
Used on Stern SPIKE node boards.


Bin: P209