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#455 Eiko Replacement Globes pack of Ten


Product Description

455 Bulbs Bayonet

Automatic blinking bulb. 6.3 Volts.

These bulbs are used in many backboxes for decorative effects and as part of timer circuits on electromechanical games.

Williams Part No #24-8802

Used in Addams Family / Funhouse / Whirlwind

For use on selected games only

#47 Eiko Replacement Globes Pack of 10


Product Description

Set of 10 #47 Pinball Light Bulb Lamps 6.3V. These lamps are the highest rated economy mini lamps in the industry. This bulb is slightly cooler and emits a little less light than the #44 bulb 6.3V, .15A with a bayonet base. Preferred by many O.E.M.s. Used on most pinball machines . We also carry all of the light bulbs, coils, plastics, etc. you may need for your pinball machine.

Bin 2.2

#86 Miniature Lamp – 10 Pack Globe


Product Description

Globes #86 Eiko Box of 10

This bulb is used in the Twilight Zone clock and The Creature From The Black Lagoon ramp, as well as other pinball machines.
#86 6.3-Volt, .20 amp sub-miniature wedge base bulbs.

References ?? 24-0555