These are of the highest quality balls and are imported from the U.S.A Not Chinese so you can be assured of the quality

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Product Description

This ultra-premium shine chrome pinball has a high-quality mirror finish and surpasses all requirements of a standard pinball. Super-smooth surface, heat treat hardened, and enhanced secondary polishing make this the perfect pinball. Upgrade all of your machines with the highest quality solid chrome ball on the market. These are not chrome plated or chrome core but 100% solid chrome.

Chrome balls DO retain some magnetic memory. They can be used in games with magnets, but you will need to demagnetize them when they become magnetized. If unsure, buy the Standard Carbon ball

A rusty, scratched, or damaged ball will quickly ruin your playfield.

Replacing your old ball is the best thing to do to avoid against playfield wear.

PACKING NOTE: Quantities of 20 balls or less will be cleaned with alcohol and fully polished but 21 or more may be shipped with a thin oil coating and thus need to be rinsed in Isopropyl Alcohol and polished dry with an old cotton T-shirt or clean cotton tea towel (best to use).

Sold individually.

Following reference no’s apply

  • Alvin G BAL-001
  • Bally M-168-26
  • Brunswick 55-860164-000
  • Capcom BL00103
  • Chicago Coin Machine / Stern SEI 6717-C
  • Gottlieb 21864 MH31
  • JJP 00-000001-00
  • Midway 0017-00009-0546
  • Stern SPI 260-5000-00
  • Wico 19-587100
  • Williams 20-6500
  • Williams 20A-6500

Bin: P08-7