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WMS FLIPPER REBUILD KIT 02-92 TO 04-93 – A – 13524-8


Product Description

All-new replacement Flipper Parts Kit is the answer for sticky, sluggish, weak, or dead flippers.

Kit contains parts to rebuild both left and right flipper units.

Also comes with a Flipper Feeler gauge.

The factory recommends installing flipper kits every half-million flips to keep your flippers performing to specification. (Use the diagnostic menu in your game under STANDARD ADJUSTMENTS to access the flipper count meters.



The Getaway – High Speed II
The Addams Family
Black Rose

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Creature from the Black Lagoon
Doctor Who
Fish Tales
Twilight Zone

This kit replaces all the major parts on 2 flipper assemblies.
Williams reference #A-13524-8.

Weight: 0.5975 lb

Bin: P03.2