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Bally / Williams Cabinet Flipper Switch Switch 10A-48A


Product Description

Williams / Bally flipper cabinet switch used in electromechanical and early solid state pinball machines.

Has normally open tungsten contact points and a spring backing blade.

Tech Note: If your flippers seem weak then these could be the solution.


SW-10A-48A-9990-1 (switch with cable and capacitor)

180-5160-00 Data East / Sega / Stern






Bin: P03.7

Bally / Williams End of Stroke Flipper Switch (EOS) #SW-1A-194


Product Description

End of Stroke Flipper Switch (EOS) Williams/Bally #SW-1A-194

Williams/Bally Normally Open end of stroke switch

Williams #SW-1A-194

This switch was used on Williams/Bally/Midway games made from late 1991 to 1999

Note: #SW-1A-194 is the correct part number for the typo #SW-1A-193 in several Bally/Williams game manuals

Bin: PO3.7

Bally / Williams Flipper End of Stroke 10A-8


Product Description

Normally closed End of Stroke (EOS) switch with silver contact points for early Williams and other brand flipper assemblies.

For use on flipper assemblies that are mounted directly to playfield without a separate flipper plate.

Be sure to adjust contacts so that they are CLOSED (touching) when flipper is at rest.


  • SW-10A-8 leaf switch
  • B-7060-R flipper assembly right
  • B-7060-L flipper assembly left
  • B-6951-R flipper assembly right
  • B-6951-L flipper assembly left

Dimensions: End to end bottom blade is 2-7/8 inch. End to end short blade is 2-1/4 inch.

Bin: P03.7

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Gottlieb® Flipper Cabinet Switch B-17838


Product Description

Leaf switch – cabinet flipper Gottlieb®

Flipper pushbutton cabinet switch used on many Gottlieb® machines.


  • Gottlieb 26075
  • Gottlieb 26423
  • Replaces B-12462
  • Can be used as replacement for ASW-A10-41
  • 17838

Bin: P03.7