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POST C-11562-Y Yellow Faceted 1-3/16 Inch Transparent


Product Description

Transparent yellow 1-3/16 inch tall faceted plastic post (standoff) uses #6 studs, screws, or bolts.


  • Gottlieb C11562-Y
  • early Stern

It typically is fitted with a 5/16 inch Inner Diameter rubber ring.

Part No:C-11562-Y

Bin: P04.6

POST C-951-7 Finned Star Post 1″ Red


Product Description

1 inch tall red ribbed plastic playfield post with concentric finned ring design used on many early solid state Bally and Williams pinball machine playfields.

  • Stern / Chicago Coin Machine 4A-258
  • C-951-1 short
  • 0017-00042-0588 (1 inch)
  • C-951-7 tall

Reference No: C-951-7

Bin: P04.6