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#10-32 Tee Nuts Pack of Ten. Pt No 4410-01118-00


Product Description

T-Nut 10-32 – 3/4″‘ base – 7/16″ barrel. Sold in a pack of Ten

3-prong t-nut 10-32 thread, barrel height 7/16″ with 3/4″ diameter base.

These nuts are used on virtually every pinball machine ever produced.
Reference : # 4410-01118-00

Bin 7.4

8-32 Nylon Nuts Pack of Ten. Part No 4406-01119-00


Product Description

#8-32 nylon lock nut (also referred to as a nylock).

Used in countless playfield applications on virtually every pinball machine ever built.

Sold in a pack of ten


240-5005-00 zinc plated 6-32 stopnut
4406-01119-00 zinc plated 6-32 stopnut

Bin 7.4

CABINET Leg bolt 3/8-16 x 2-1/2 inch acorn head 5/8 inch


Product Description

Leg bolt 3/8-16 x 2-1/2 inch acorn head 5/8 inch

New, high quality chrome finish 3/8-16 thread with 5/8 inch acorn head pinball leg bolts.

2-1/2 inch length allows room for mounting cabinet protectors and accessories.

Used on most pinball machines. 8 bolts required per machine.

Reference numbers are:

Replacement for Gottlieb A-3775
Replacement for Gottlieb 3775
231-5000-00 Data East/Sega/Stern
231-5001-01 Data East/Sega/Stern
4322-01125-40 leg bolt bright plated
4322-01125-40BR leg bolt brass plated
4322-01125-40B leg bolt black oxide finish
Replaces 4322-01125-38 leg bolt (3/8-16 x 2-3/8 inches long)

Sold as individual item only



Product Description

Flipper & shaft – Capcom black

This is the one piece molded Capcom Black FLIPPER & SHAFT assembly with star. It is Capcom part #A-00217-B. Used on most Capcom pinball machines.

Reference :#A-00217-B

Dot matrix display, Standard size used since 1991


Standard size dot matrix display as used by WMS, Data east and Stern Pinball Inc, Gottlieb and Capcom.
This is our most popular model and is easy to install no soldering required at all!
Just Plug and Play and off you go.
Fits most late model pinball machines including.
*Addams Family.
*Attack from Mars
*Black Rose.
*Cactus Canyon.
*Champion Pub.
*Creatures for the Black Lagoon.
*Cue Ball Wizard.<
*Demolition Man.
*Dirty Harry.
*Dr Who.
*Flipper Pinball.
*Gilligan’s Island.
*Gun’s and Rose’s
*Independence Day.
*Indiana Jones.
*Indianapolis 500.
*Jack Bot.
*Johnny Mnemonic.
*Jurrasic Park>
*Last Action Hero.
*Lord of the Rings.
*Medieval Madness.
*Monster Bash.
*No Good Gofers.
*Party Zone.
*Pinball Magic.
*Red & Ted Roadshow.
*Rescue 911
*Rocky & Bullwinkle.
*Safe Cracker.
*Scared Stiff.
*Simpson’s Pinball Party.
*South Park.
*Starship Troopers
*Star trek the next generation.
*Tales from the crypt.
*Tales of the Arabian Night.
*Terminator 2.
*Terminator 3 Judgement Day.
*The getaway high speed 2.
*The Shadow.
*Theatre of Magic.
*Twilight Zone.
*White Water.
*Who Dunnit.
*World cup soccer 94.
*WWF Royal Rumble.