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#10-32 Nylon Insert Lock Nut pack of ten


#10-32 Nylon Insert Lock Nut#

Part no :4410-01132-004410-01132-004410-01132-00
10-32 Nylon Lock Nuts (Nylocks).

Used in countless playfield applications on virtually every pinball machine ever built.

#10-32 Tee Nuts Pack of Ten



T-Nut 10-32 – 3/4″‘ base – 7/16″ barrel. Sold in a pack of Ten

3-prong t-nut 10-32 thread, barrel height 7/16″ with 3/4″ diameter base.

These nuts are used on virtually every pinball machine ever produced.
Reference : # 4410-01118-00

6-32 x 3/8″ with built in washer Part no


Product Description

6-32 x 3/8″ with built in washer pack of ten

Offically known as MS 6-32 x 3/8 P-RWH.

Used all over the playfield on most Williams/Bally games.

Williams/Bally reference #4006-01027-06.



Product Description

Flatwasher Washer .390 x .625 x .059 Shooter rod ?? 4700-00051-00

Williams/Bally reference #4700-00051-00.
Data East/Sega/Stern reference #242-5014-00.
Jersey Jack Pinball reference #95-002564-58-16.


Checkpoint Data East White Rubber Kit


Product Description

CHECKPOINT (Data East) Rubber Kit


32 piece white rubber ring set for Data East Checkpoint includes ball shooter tip, Flipper rubbers, white”O” ring rubbers

And a playfield rubber placement diagram.

Data East, Sega, Stern, OPTO RECEIVER BOARD PT No 515-0174-00


Product Description


For use on Data East/ Sega / Stern Pinballs opto Receiver Board

Dual-opto receiver board assembly with grommets for outhole trough upkicker for Stern pinball machines.

Typical symptoms of defective opto boards are multiple balls being served or continuously kicking ball shooters.


Part No 515-0174-00