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#10-32 Tee Nuts Pack of Ten – 4410-01118-00


Product Description

T-Nut 10-32 – 3/4″‘ base – 7/16″ barrel. Sold in a pack of Ten

3-prong t-nut 10-32 thread, barrel height 7/16″ with 3/4″ diameter base.

These nuts are used on virtually every pinball machine ever produced.
Reference : # 4410-01118-00

Bin: P07.4

8-32 Nylon Nuts Pack of Ten 4406-01119-00


Product Description

#8-32 nylon lock nut (also referred to as a nylock).

Used in countless playfield applications on virtually every pinball machine ever built.

Sold in a pack of ten


240-5005-00 zinc plated 6-32 stopnut
4406-01119-00 zinc plated 6-32 stopnut

Bin: P07.4



Product description

Coil stop bracket used in flipper assemblies for Data East and Sega pinball machines through BATMAN FOREVER.

It’s a good idea to apply a drop of medium removable thread-lock compound to coil stop mounting screws to prevent vibration loosening.


  • 515-5346-00
  • Equivalent to 515-5086-00
  • Replaces 515-5346-12
  • Replaces Wico 15-366590

For use on Sega / Stern Pinballs

Part No: 515-5346-00

Bin: P06.9



Product Description

Data East and early Sega plunger and crank assembly with improved link.

Fits Sega games thru early production BATMAN FOREVER and replaces ‘hourglass’ style plastic link.

Please note these are not side specific and will replace either Left or Right flipper


  • 515-5051-00 plunger, link, pawl and red cap socket ass”y (all Data East)
  • 515-5822-00 plunger and link (early Sega)
  • 530-5070-00 pawl only
  • 535-5066-00 plunger only
  • 530-5070-02 block only
  • 500-5914-01 complete upper flipper assembly (right) early Sega
  • 500-5914-02 complete upper flipper assembly (left) early Sega
  • 500-5693-01 complete lower flipper assembly (right) early Sega
  • 500-5693-02 complete lower flipper assembly (left) early Sega
  • Wico 18-001600

Part No :

Bin: P04.9

Data East, Sega, Stern, OPTO RECEIVER BOARD – 515-0174-00


Product Description

For use on Data East/ Sega / Stern Pinballs opto Receiver Board

Dual-opto receiver board assembly with grommets for outhole trough upkicker for Stern pinball machines.

Typical symptoms of defective opto boards are multiple balls being served or continuously kicking ball shooters.

Part No 515-0174-00

Bin: P03.6