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#10-32 Tee Nuts Pack of Ten. Pt No 4410-01118-00


Product Description

T-Nut 10-32 – 3/4″‘ base – 7/16″ barrel. Sold in a pack of Ten

3-prong t-nut 10-32 thread, barrel height 7/16″ with 3/4″ diameter base.

These nuts are used on virtually every pinball machine ever produced.
Reference : # 4410-01118-00

Bin 7.4

8-32 Nylon Nuts Pack of Ten. Part No 4406-01119-00


Product Description

#8-32 nylon lock nut (also referred to as a nylock).

Used in countless playfield applications on virtually every pinball machine ever built.

Sold in a pack of ten


240-5005-00 zinc plated 6-32 stopnut
4406-01119-00 zinc plated 6-32 stopnut

Bin 7.4



Product Description

Williams Bally backglass lift channel 22″ long


22 inch long black plastic lift trim used on the bottom of the backglass on most late model, wide body Williams/Bally pinball machines.

Fresh backglass trim provides a beautiful new frame for the great artwork on your game.

Used on the these games:

Addams Family, Attack from Mars , Bride of Pinbot , Bugs Bunny’s Birthday Bash , Black Rose , Bram Stoker’s Dracula , Bride of Pinbot , Creature from the Black Lagoon , Corvette , Cyclone , Diner , Dr. Dude , Dirty Harry , Demolition Man , Doctor Who, Dracula , Earthshaker , Elvira and the Party Monsters , F14 , Fire , Funhouse , Flintstones , Fishtales , Gilligan’s Island , Harley Davidson , High Speed II – The Getaway , Hurricane , Indy 500 , Indiana Jones , Jackbot , Judge Dredd , Johnny Mnemonic , Jokerz, Monster Bash , No Fear , No Good Gophers , Party Zone , Pinbot, Police Force , Popeye , Riverboat Gambler , Rollergames , Roadshow , Radical , Scared Stiff , Space Station , Star Trek; The Next Generation , Shadow , Swords of Fury , Taxi , Terminator 2 , Twilight Zone , Theatre of Magic , Whirlwind , White Water , World Cup Soccer , Who Dunnit , White Water

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Product Description

Gottlieb® Flipper Coil A-5141

Short flipper coil used on many Gottlieb® electro-mechanical (EM) games. And some solid state games. Also replaces Gottlieb #s A-1546 and # A-1657, and G.A.M.E. # G0027. Includes coil sleeve.

Used on the Following Games
GOTTLIEB: 2001, 300, Abra Ca Dabra, Ace High, Airport, Aloha, All-Star Basketball, Aquarius, Astro, Atlantis, Bank-A-Ball (1965), Big Shot, Big Brave, Big Hit, Big Indian, Big Shot, Bronco, Buccaneer (1976), Buckaroo, Bumper Pool, Canada Dry, Card King, Card Whiz, Centigrade 37, Central Park, College Queens, Corral, Cowpoke, Cross Town, Dancing Lady, Dimension, Dodge City, Domino, Drop-A-Card, Duotron, El Dorado (1975), Extra Inning, Far Out, Fast Draw, Fire Queen, Four Square, Fun Land, Galaxie, Grand Slam (1972), Jungle King, Jungle Princess, Jungle Queen, King Kool, King of Diamonds, King Pin, King Rock, Kings & Queens, Lawman, Magnotron, Masquerade, Mayfair, Melody, Mibs, Mustang, New York, Now, Orbit, Outer Space, Out of Sight, Pin Up, Pioneer, Play Ball, Playmates, Pop-A-Card, Pro Pool, Quartette, Quick Draw, Rack-A-Ball, Roller Coaster, Royal Flush (1976), Royal Guard, Royal Pair, Sheriff, Sing Along, Skipper, Sky Jump, Soccer, Solar City, Spirit of 76, Star Trek, Strange World, Subway, Super Soccer, Super Spin, Sure Shot, Surf Champ, Surfer, Surf Side, Target Alpha, Target Pool, Ten Up, Top Card, Top Score, Volley, Vulcan, Wild Life, Wild Wild West, World Fair


Bin 6.3