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Ball 1-1/16 inch standard pinball

Standard case hardened carbon steel 1-1/16 inch diameter, 80 gram pinball used on all contemporary pinball machines built after 1950.

Beautiful mirror-like factory finish. Resistant to residual magnetism and exceeds factory specifications for hardness, roundness, and weight.

A rusty, scratched, or damaged ball will quickly ruin your playfield.

Replacing your old ball is the best thing to do to avoid against playfield wear.

Sold individually.

  • Alvin G BAL-001
  • Bally M-168-26
  • Brunswick 55-860164-000
  • Capcom BL00103
  • Chicago Coin Machine / Stern SEI 6717-C
  • Gottlieb 21864 MH31
  • JJP 00-000001-00
  • Midway 0017-00009-0546
  • Stern SPI 260-5000-00
  • Wico 19-587100
  • Williams 20-6500
  • Williams 20A-6500

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Stock Car Gottlieb® White Rubber Kit


Product Description

Stock Car Gottlieb® White Rubber Kit

This is the 25 piece white rubber ring set for the 1970 Gottlieb® ROAD RACE pinball machine. It includes white O-ring bumper rubbers, ball shooter tip, rebound rubbers

And also a playfield rubber diagram.