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#10-32 Tee Nuts Pack of Ten 4410-01118-00


Product Description

T-Nut 10-32 – 3/4″‘ base – 7/16″ barrel. Sold in a pack of Ten

3-prong t-nut 10-32 thread, barrel height 7/16″ with 3/4″ diameter base.

These nuts are used on virtually every pinball machine ever produced.
Reference : # 4410-01118-00

Bin: P07.4

8-32 Nylon Nuts Pack of Ten 4406-01119-00


Product Description

#8-32 nylon lock nut (also referred to as a nylock).

Used in countless playfield applications on virtually every pinball machine ever built.

Sold in a pack of ten


240-5005-00 zinc plated 6-32 stopnut
4406-01119-00 zinc plated 6-32 stopnut

Bin: P07.4

Asteroid Annie Gottlieb® WHITE Rubber Kit


Product Description

Gottlieb® ASTEROID ANNIE Rubber Kit

This 26 piece rubber kit comes with all rubbers needed to re-rubber pinball Gottlieb® game ” ASTEROID ANNIE” it includes white”O” ring rubbers, shooter tip, red flipper rubbers.

Also included is a rubber placement diagram


Bally (1977-1982) Ultimate solenoid Upgrade Board Bally® AS2518-16, AS2518-22, AS2518-25


Product Description

Direct replacement for Bally AS2518-22,AS2518-22, AS2518-25

Modern switching power supplies, high efficiency, Less Heat, No more big heat sinks. Keeps the backbox cooler. Upgrade your game with modern technology!

Full adjustable 190Vdc @ 50 watts like the original design for games with extra displays.

Short circuit protection on the high and low voltage power supplies. Forget about blowing and replacing every part in the old high voltage power supply because of one bad display.

+5vdc @ 5amp low voltage power supply. Extra power for popular LED style displays.

LED status indictors on all voltages.

Also using the latest MOSFET devices for solenoid drivers.

Lower on resistance MOSFET drivers means more responsive coils ?? better, faster pinball action.

All Solenoid MOSFET drivers have dual function LED indictors that indicate proper operation as well as indicating a fault condition such as a shorted coil. Makes game repairs fast and easy.

Fused flippers for added flipper circuit protection. No more blown board traces from a miss wired coil.

MPU fault protection circuit. Protects solenoid drivers and coils from shorts. Caused by a faulted MPU which locks on a solenoid.

Heartbeat status LED.

No obsolete components used.

Bin: P05.4

Black Hole Gottlieb® White Rubber Kit


Product Description

Gottlieb(R) Pinball Black hole

Rubber kit for Black hole, This 37 Piece white rubber O rings set for the Gottlieb? Black Hole pinball machine also includes red flipper rubbers,

And also a playfield rubber placement diagram.


Buck Rogers Gottlieb® WHITE Rubber Kit


Product Description

Gottlieb®” BUCK ROGERS”. Rubber Kit

This 27 piece rubber kit contains all the rubbers including white”O” ring rubbers, red flipper rubbers, Rebound rubber, white shooter tip rubber to re rubber Gottlieb “BUCK ROGERS”® pinball machine game.

This Kit also contains a playfield placement diagram


Charlies Angels Gottlieb® WHITE Rubber Kit


Product Description

Gottlieb® Charlies Angels Rubber Kit

This 27 piece rubber kit comes with all rubbers to re – rubber your Gottlieb® Charlies angels pinball machine including White “O” Rubber rings, white shooter tip, Flipper Rubbers

Kit also comes with a reference page as to where to place them.


Circus Gottlieb® WHITE Rubber kit


Product Description

Gottlieb® 1980 CIRCUS

This 47 piece rubber kit comes with all rubbers to re rubber your Gottlieb®  pinball game “CIRCUS” including white “O” ring rubbers, Shooter tip, red flipper rubbers

Includes a playfield placement diagram.


Cleopatria Gottlieb® WHITE Rubber Kit


Product Description

Gottlieb® 1978 system 1 Cleopatra

This 25 Piece Kit contains all the rubbers needed to re – rubber your Gottlieb? Pinball machine game Cleopatra.

It also comes with a copy where each rubber goes.