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Product Description

White plastic ball shooter housing used on several makes/models of older/vintage games including Chicago Coin, Stern, Game Plan, and others. Replaces Chicago Coin # 16519-W, Game Plan # 03-40010N, and Stern # 4A-115-W (white) and 4A-115-R (red).

Used In The Following Games:
CHICAGO COIN: Hula Hula, Mustang (Chicago Coin), Royal Flash

GAME PLAN: Agents 777, Andromeda, Atilla the Hun, Black Velvet, Camel Lights, Captain Hook (Game Plan), Chuck-A-Luck, Coney Island, Cyclopes, Family Fun, Foxy Lady, Global Warfare, Lady Sharpshooter, Lizard, Real, Sharpshooter (Game Plan), Star Trip, Super Nova, Vegas (Game Plan)

GENCO: South Pacific

STERN: Ali, Big Game, Catacomb, Cheetah (Stern), Cosmic Princess, Disco, Dracula, Dragonfist, Flight 2000, Freefall (Stern), Galaxy (Stern), Hot Hand, Iron Maiden, Lectronamo, Lightning, Magic (Stern), Memory Lane, Meteor, Nine Ball, Nugent, Orbitor 1, Pinball (Stern) (electro-mechanical), Pinball (Stern) (electronic), Quicksilver, Rawhide, Seawitch, Split Second, Stampede, Star Gazer, Stars, Stingray, Trident, Viper, Wild Fyre

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CABINET Leg bolt 3/8-16 x 2-1/2 inch acorn head 5/8 inch


Product Description

Leg bolt 3/8-16 x 2-1/2 inch acorn head 5/8 inch

New, high quality chrome finish 3/8-16 thread with 5/8 inch acorn head pinball leg bolts.

2-1/2 inch length allows room for mounting cabinet protectors and accessories.

Used on most pinball machines. 8 bolts required per machine.

Reference numbers are:

Replacement for Gottlieb A-3775
Replacement for Gottlieb 3775
231-5000-00 Data East/Sega/Stern
231-5001-01 Data East/Sega/Stern
4322-01125-40 leg bolt bright plated
4322-01125-40BR leg bolt brass plated
4322-01125-40B leg bolt black oxide finish
Replaces 4322-01125-38 leg bolt (3/8-16 x 2-3/8 inches long)

Sold as individual item only

Bin: P07.3



Product Description

3″ long leg levelers with 1-3/4″ base and 3/8″-16 thread. These will work on almost all pinball and arcade machines. Bally #M-163-28 , Williams part #08-7377

These heavy duty levelers are tough! These ARE NOT the widely distributed economy leg levelers with the flat bottoms that have become common place lately.

The tightening nut is included with each leg leveler

Used on the following games

Medieval Madness , TSPP, AC/DC, Spiderman, Dirty Harry , Jack bot , Indiana Jones , Hurricane , The Getaway High Speed 2 , Flintstones , Fish Tales , Bram Stokers Dracula , Demolition Man , The Machine Bride of Pinbot , Johnny Mnemonic , Star Trek the Next Generation , White Water , WhiteWater , Tales of the Arabian Nights , Bad Cats , Pool Sharks , Attack from Mars , Black Rose , Corvette , Truck Stop , Elvira and the Party Monsters , Mousin’ Around! , Transporter the Rescue , Theatre of Magic , Who Dunnit , Game Show , Pinbot , Grand Lizard , High Speed , Comet , F-14 Tomcat F14 , Millionaire , Space Shuttle , Sorcerer , Road Kings , Banzai Run , Big Guns , Cyclone , Diner , Fire , Space Station , Swords of Fury , Taxi , Police Force , The Machine Bride of Pinbot


Bin: P07-3



Product Description

Shooter Rod Outer barrel Spring

Part no:10-149

Barrel shaped, bright finish shooter spring used on many brands of pinball machine ball shooter assemblies.


Game Plan: 06-30002A
Bally: SP-247 and 0010-00271-0000
Gottlieb 347 and 25878
Williams Part No.: 10-149
Data East, SEGA, Stern Pinball inc Part No: 266-5010-00

Bin: P07.5



Product Description

Pop bumper spoon

Bally old Reference no #C-921

Williams Reference No : 03 – 7395

Data East / Sega / Stern Reference no :545 – 5610 – 01, 545 – 5610 – 02,
& 545- 5542 – 00

Bin: P08.4

POST STUD #6-32 top and #6-32 Bottom. 530-5012-00


Product Description

Machine Post/Stud 530-5012-02 for use on Data east/ Sega/ Stern pinball machines.

Used also on Williams, Bally and Gottlieb games as well.

Machine screw with #6-32 threads on both sides. 2″ overall length.Data east/ Sega / Stern part no 530-5012-02 playfield post stud with 1/4 Inch hex washer head and 6 – 32 playfield post stud with 1/4 inch hex washer head and 6-32 thread machine screw. Overall length 2 Inches steel zinc plated

Replacement for 02-3648-1

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STERN COIL – J 25 -500 /34-4500 FLIPPER COIL


Product Description

Coil – flipper – J25-500/34-4500

3 terminal, dual winding flipper coil used on many early solid state pinball machines including Bally and Stern.

It’s a good idea to change the EOS (end-of stroke) switch when replacing a flipper coil.


Replacement for A-25-500/34-4500
Replacement for J-25-500/34-4500

Bin:  P06.3