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Gay 90’s Williams White Rubber Kit


Product Description

Williams Gay 90’s White Rubber Kit. Contains all 13 Pieces needed to Re-Rubber your Williams Gay 90’s including new White”O” Ring Rubbers, Post, Shooter tip, Rebound Rubber

Also included is a playfield placement Diagram, And also a Rubber Measurement Chart.


Williams Flipper rebuild kit 1967-1979 – WFLKIT67-79


Product Description

Flipper rebuild kit Williams 1969-1979

High quality complete kit includes all mechanical components for Williams pinball machine left and right side flipper assemblies on games APOLLO May 1967 including LASER BALL December 1979.

Kit includes:

  • Left and right side crank assemblies-A-4962-L and A-4962-R
  • Plunger and Link (2)-A-6939-1
  • Return spring (2)-10-135
  • Coil stops (2)-A-8143
  • Switch (2) – flipper End of Strong long-SW-10A-8
  • Coil Sleeves (2)-03-7066
  • Flipper bushing (2)-03-6014
  • Machine Screw 6-32 x 3/8 inch p-ph-sems (4)-4006-01003-06
  • Cap screw 10-32 x 3/8 inch sh flip bracket (4)-4010-01066-06
  • Nut 6-32 keps (4)-44406-01128-00
  • E-clip for 1/4 inch shaft (2)- 20-8712-25

 Also includes flipper feeler gauge to assist in correct bearing to crank gap adjustment.

 Reference: WFLKIT6979


The factory recommends installing flipper kits every half-million flips to keep your flippers performing to specification. (Use the diagnostic menu in your game under STANDARD ADJUSTMENTS to access the flipper count meters.)


Bin: P03.2