Income sharing is our specialty, Some people call it profit sharing but we use the term income sharing as that is what it is. Do not be fooled by offers of up to 50% or more and also 50% of the profit with toys or chocolates? that is about 80 % paid by out by the owner of the equipment so they cannot reinvest in newer equipment or they can do it and survive by lowering the payouts to the customer and then they do not play the games again and all they say is that game is rigged it never pays a prize and then the income drops off. so you end up with 50% of $40.00 OR 20% Of $300.00 instead of a lower percentage but a higher in the pocket amount. We provide late model Amusement machines to your venue at no cost to you. What’s more is you take a percentage of the machines weekly income, that is why it is called by us income sharing.

This is a win win situation for you. As the machines not only bring in revenue, they also give you an edge on your competitors by offering a Games Room, we provide much more than just claw machines you know, In fact we are the only company in south east Queensland that has Air Hockey’s, Pool Tables, Pinballs, Kiddie Rides, Driving and Shooting games and of course Redemption games. In return for the space provided to us you receive a share of the income from our amusement equipment which encourages your patrons to come to your venue and stay longer and come back again. We can cross promote with you to increase your business as well by offering prizes of your’s in our machines such as drink and meal vouchers.

No matter whether it is a Games room in a holiday resort or pool tables for pubs or clubs, machines in a restaurant or Highway service center you can use our years of experience in the amusement industry to get it right for you, so when it comes to providing fun for your clients see, Australia’s premier amusement machine company and we will provide you with the best amusement equipment, advice and service.

Down below are some of our sites, with equipment that we supply and operate on an income sharing basis in Resorts, Clubs, Pubs, Bowling Alley’s, Cinema’s etc which we service in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Our Maroon and Blue clothed pool tables on coin play / income sharing arrangement located in one of our licensed venues.
A range of our games in one of our sites with Sega Rally, Teed off pinball, Plush machine and Dance machine in the background
Street sites in Brisbane , with games including Chocolate factory, Plush claw machine and Extreme hunting and more
A football crane, Cadbury Chocolate Factory, Pool table, Air Hockey, variety for all the family
Outa Space family games room with such games as Scud Racer, Win everytime, Mouse attack, note the branding in the background
One our sites on the Gold Coast with,Time crisis 2, Daytona USA, NBA Pinball to name a few

Arcade and Pinball machine refurbishments and repairs

With our fully equipped workshop.we can repair most coin operated games, such as Pinball machines including electro mechanical pinballs including Bally, Chicago Coin, Gottlieb®, Williams and also solid state including Bally, Capcom pinball, Data East, Gottlieb®, Sonic, Stern, Williams. Amusement machine repairs, Video games old and new shooting and driving games. Redemption games and some PC based games. Whilst we do have a large library of service manuals if you do have any manuals please supply them with your machine.

With over 20 years experience in machine operations,sales, repairs and parts sales. We are the only company in the South east corner of Queensland ( Brisbane / Gold Coast / Ipswich). With the largest stock inventory on hand, that allows us to repair most machines in a quick time however some times it can take a bit longer if a unique part is required and might have to be reproduced. All repairs have to be brought to our factory. A free quote with no obligation to continue will be given. However if your equipment requires pick up and to be dropped off again this can be done for a fee from $ 77.00, ( upstairs / downstairs pickups please advise us first )

We can service old type jukeboxes (vinyl and CD) but do not do resprays etc

Our standard labour rate is $88 per hour or $22.00 for 15 Minutes ( incl GST) Plus parts.

Please note service of equipment can take up to 8 to 12 weeks mainly with older machines due to age and availability of some parts,

We do not give service advice over the phone.

If you are wishing to purchase pinball and arcade game parts please go to our on – line store where you can choose from over 2000 items that are so far listed on our web site follow this link online shop or

A Star Trek pinball machine made by Data East is brought to life again by our qualified tech
A new 14" chassis being installed in a sit down video cabinet in aTaito 14"
A Fish Tales pinball machine made by WMS being brought to life again by our tech
A Kiss Pinball Machine one of the classic pinball machines made
A Wurlitzer Bubbler jukebox one of many Jukeboxes we repair